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Our members can participate in various ways. The first question that needs to be answered is; "Where and how can my skills be utilized.?" SATRA is an organization with a variety of volunteer opportunities. These include opportunities to assist with administrative responsibilities, special events and fundraising, and emergency response. Emergency responders must meet prescribed NFPA requirements. All applicants go through an interview process. Once past this process, SATRA works with selected applicants to find the right position for them within the organization based on their skills and interests. Volunteers receive invaluable experience in the fields in which they serve.

We are always needing members to keep this organization running smoothly.
Currently, we are looking for positions in: Administration, Training, and Response.
Your membership can make a difference!

If you would like to receive more information regarding the following positions, please fill out the form below and submit it to our account. We will send you the documentation to your address based on the submitted information.

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Click the link below to download the application in .pdf format. Please print, and fill out the application for the position(s) wanted, then mail it back to the address provided:

P.O. Box 510984
Livonia, MI 48151

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